10 Top Torrent Sites working in 2018

When they say 10 Top Torrent Sites working in 2017 so many things come up into the minds of people as each and every person has a particular liking when it comes to torrent downloads and the software’s used to do the same. Well, it’s not practically possible to rate websites on a top 10 basis on their quality but then there are top 10 torrent sites for sure. Now torrent sites are those sites using which you can actually speed up downloads of both an audio and a video file easily using any of the sites. There are more than 600+ torrent sites that are genuinely recognized by people worldwide.

High speed downloading is what people actually look for these days and when they use torrent sites the process somewhat becomes easy and simple. All that a person has to do is just copy the download link from the place where he or she wants to download a file and paste it on to the torrent downloader and click start. These websites are so strong and fast that within minutes your file gets downloaded and things are done. Here below a random list of 10 Top Torrent Sites working in 2017 which is not based on any national or international rankings. Just go through it and update your knowledge about some of the best torrent sites all across the globe.

  • The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay has proved to be one of the most successful sites ever in the history of Websites of this genre as there are a lot of things that are unique about this site. No matter which rating you open in regards to the 10 Top Torrent Sites working in 2017 you will find the mention of this very site for sure. This site is also referred to as the “King of Torrents” by many critics owing to the quality of torrents available on the site and the compatibility of the same. You can speed up downloads of both an audio and a video file easily using the Pirate Bay instantly. Millions of people are using Pirate Bay as a medium to download various files of their choices.

  • 1337X

One of the well-known torrent websites the 1337X has gone massive changes structurally and functionally over the years. Although it was not so very user-friendly in the beginning later with the help of superb engineers the whole site was redone and now it is one of the fast and the most efficient websites to use when it comes to torrent downloads. If you love to download games and applications from the web, then the 1337X is an ideal one for you in all terms as the downloading is done through safe and secure modes that prevent any kind of virus entry into your system. Easily compatible with all devices and highly usable the 1337X is an ideal partner for the downloading freaks.


The TORRENT Z2 is a new and improved version of an old website that had to be closed down because it was old and was not up to the modern standards and requirements. However, the new upgraded version is best incall and up to the modern standards. Moreover, as this company was among the first ones to bring up Torrent in the markets the loyalty of its customers is still on and millions of people all across the globe prefer to use TORRENT Z2 for speeding up the downloading process of huge files. The good thing about this website is that it’s very user-friendly and even beginners can use it in a good way and get things done easily. You as a downloader can also give TORRENT Z2 a try for sure.


The TORRENT PROJECT is a super huge site that is presently working on more than 10 million torrents in its mega system and has never gone amiss. The huge database it has required a highly modernised DHT technology that has specially been designed by engineers for TORRENT PROJECT which has proved to be very successful indeed in making it one of the 10 Top Torrent Sites working in 2017 and it’s expected that the ratings will go even higher in the future as more and more people come in to use the site. The engineers are still working on getting the website more and more better to make it reach the highest rankings on a worldwide level.

  • AG

Well known as one of the very useful and user-friendly websites in the Torrent category the YTS.AG is a new name in the industry. Well, there are other companies that possess the same abbreviations like this torrent website but then they are nowhere linked to it anyhow.  The site has been ranked among the top 10 torrent sites in the world even by the critics who are well known for their quality when it comes to proper criticism of the torrent sites that people use these days. Each and everything about this particular website is good and excellent when you start using this you will yourself feel the difference that you do not feel in most of the torrent sites easily.


The EXTRATORRENT is one of the oldest websites that is still being used all across the globe by engineers for various purposes when it comes to downloads. This is among those sites that actually takes a little more time than the normal ones however the quality of downloads remains the same and is always appreciated by people. There are rumors in the market where they believe that the website is going to shut down but the company has not released any such information in the market. So till the time the company finally agrees to shut down the site, you will see it in the list of 10 Top Torrent Sites working in 2017 for sure as this is one of the best. Even if it shuts down there will be an updated version of the same in the markets very soon.


Launched way back in 2008 this website became more recognized in the year 2015 and came up with the list of 10 Top Torrent Sites working in 2017. Initially, a lot of people did not like the website as they thought that it is pretty complicated and cannot be used but later when they found out that it’s actually updated to the modern standards they felt good using it and now its ranked among some of the best websites in the world. You can download anything that you want using this medium no matter what kind of a file it is if it’s downloadable then you can bank on the RARBG and get it downloaded directly into your system and use it. There is a long way to go to this site and a lot more to achieve.


This is the newest member in the top 10 list which has gained popularity just a few months ago. The weird thing about this torrent site is that the competition to this website comes from the sites made from the designing company that this same site has been designed from. Nevertheless, people are happily accepting this website for personal and professional use all across the globe and even recommending it to others as well. All you have to do is just login and register to use this site and there you go. You will see downloads happening instantly on your system without any error or trouble at a super-fast speed.

  • AG

There is a lot going on in this website starting from improvements to controversies and more however when it comes to the working of the website everything is running fine and is good. The logins are secured by some of the best systems and downloads happen within a few seconds of clicking on the download option in the torrent. You will be able to use the torrent easily without any trouble for sure as this has been designed by the best in the business engineers who have made sure that everything happens in a sequence and things happen quickly. People all across the globe have appreciated the EZTV.AG torrent for many reasons.


The TORRENT DOWNLOADS is a well-known Torrent where millions of people download torrents from every single day very easily. They follow the No –Nonsense index that has given them satisfied customers worldwide and also a very good name in the field of torrents. They bring something new every year for the customers and the upgrades happen automatically without the customer doing anything. TORRENT DOWNLOADS also is among the top 5 of the 10 Top Torrent Sites working in 2017 all across the globe when it comes to rankings. The highest customers to use the site as well every single day and more than a million torrent downloads happen every single month.


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